Entry Eleven: The Land of Simps

Unbelievable! He’s such a simp. . .

So, I was minding my own business today—reading a book Brooke had recommended—in the gardens, when my husband came up to me with a mischievous smile. I tried to ignore him, attempting to finish my novel before my friend’s next visit so I can return her book to her.

BUT, Emerson came over and sat down next to me.

And, I continued to ignore him as he gazed at me from his place on the stone bench. . . until he blindfolded me.

And that’s when I was kidnapped—by my husband.

Emerson suddenly but surprisingly gently threw me over his shoulder and carried me for what seemed like FOREVER. I’m sure it was only a few minutes before I heard giggling and soft music playing. But then, the giggling ceased after a hoarse whisper shushed them. I began to panic for a moment, thinking that something was wrong, but then I heard the giggle again.

Emerson finally set me down cautiously, but he kept my blindfold on.

He placed my petite hands in his massive hands before he guided me through what seemed to be a mini obstacle course. Once we ceased to move forward, I heard a door shut and the voices that were whispering instantly vanished.

I touched my blindfold but Emerson gently took it off for me.

There before my eyes was the most touching, heart-warming thing I had ever seen. . .

Emerson had taken me to his study—my favorite place in our house—and had set up a romantic picnic date with lavender rose petals, white carnations, lit candles, a fleece quilt, and my favorite dessert, apple pie with ice cream.

He’s so sweet!

He sat me down, and we had the most romantic evening ever!

Which, I should include, he mentioned my limp, and I told him EVERYTHING. He had noticed my limp, so I showed him my wounds. . . And, he tenderly kissed each one of my new battle scars.

And, held me in his arms.

It feels so good to not have to hide anything from him anymore!

Stay tuned for my next post. . .

With Love,

Pierson ♥

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