Entry Twelve: The Norm

Ugh! I’m so tired of the way I look. . .

Ladies, men, listen to my words.

I’m a seventeen-year-old girl, and I am sick of the way I perceive myself. Just now, I looked myself over in the mirror and body shamed myself because I have a butt and thunder thighs. I’m ashamed of myself. . .

Girls shouldn’t have to THINK such thoughts.

And, another thing!

I had to get glasses because I ruined my eyes recently after staying up too late for too often, straining my eye muscles. So, now I can’t focus on objects properly.

And, you know what? I didn’t want to get glasses, because I didn’t want to admit that my eyes were bad. And, now I have them, so I feel even more shameful.

And guess what?! I have now committed to myself that I’m going to fast for a week by drinking nothing but green mint tea, and maybe some fruit. That’s it. That’s how desperate I am to lose weight because I’m tired of weighing more than I should.

So, from now on, I’m doing this to lose at least another twenty pounds.

And, guess where I picked up such STUPID ideas?! From people who try to “help” me by pointing out that I have a double chin at times or that I have a gut or a butt or that I’m not athletic! I’m sick of it!

People—girls—think this is normal. IT’S NOT!!!

This is why people contemplate suicide!

Now, get that thought out of your head because I’m not STUPID enough to even consider harming myself. . .

Anyway, I am telling y’all this so that you know that there are insecure people out there, and what you say to them can impact their lives for better or for worse.

Be the positive light in someone’s life, not the negative shadow keeping them from shining.

Stay tumed for my next post. . .

With Love,

Pierson ♥

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